Stop & Reflect - Das Seminar

pause - reflect - develop

pause - reflect - develop

The Seminar »Stop & Reflect«

With this seminar we want to invite you to explore confidently and with clarity, what qualities, intuitions and potentials you have achieved so far. Develop joy and discover how unique you are!

We offer you these three days:

  • Stop & Reflect offers you the time to become aware of your strengths, qualities and potential. To pause your daily routine and focus on yourself, consider your personal development.
  • Stop & Reflect offers you the opportunity to achieve self-realisation, to focus on yourself. To discover your own inner world through mindfulness.
  • Stop & Reflect offers you the opportunity to gain clarity about situations that you have managed to overcome.

Your qualities and strengths, your potentials are the sources of energy and strength for your future, you discover new paths and develop your goals/visions and your development plan with clarity and self-confidence.

The 3 days give you an outlook on where your personal journey can go.


Who are these 3 days for?

  • For young leaders who want help with decisions and impulses for further career development and personal development
  • For sports people who are faced with a big change, transition out of sport
  • For people who are about to change careers
  • For leaders who want to become aware of the development of their leadership style, their philosophy and their values, who want to work on a personal development plan
  • For people who are close to retirement and want to reflect on their careers as well as set and achieve new goals for the next chapter of life
»If you want to change something you first have to embody the change that you want to induce.«
 Karl Pilsl

The use of the 3 days:

What do you take away from these 3 days?

  • A personal stock you have taken of your life.
  • A process how you can benefit from valuable life experience
  • The knowledge to develop personal strengths and potentials
  • Your personal development plan
  • Clarity on »things« that have so far influenced your life, which of those do you want to keep and which do you want to get rid of
  • Development of your personal aims, visions and development plans
  • Think about decisions that you are making
  • Time for personal clarity
  • More self-confidence
  • Personal wellbeing through time to relax and wind down
»Action without vision is only passing time. Vision without action is merely day dreaming. But vision with action can change the world.«
 Nelson Mandela