Stop & Reflect - Das Seminar

pause - reflect - develop

pause - reflect - develop

Personal development with clarity and (self-) confidence

As a leader you have gathered a lot of experience, a feeling for the market, the products and the clients. And we all feel that our living and working environments are getting faster, more complex and more dynamic.

With this newly designed seminar from John Ireland and Juergen Krieger, we want to invite you to further explore your own qualities, your intuitions and your potential.

We want to encourage you to break out of your daily routine and pause to take a breath with us for three 3 days, to answer the following questions:

  • What makes you unique?
  • How can you fulfil more of your potential in the future?
  • How are you going to tackle the future?
  • Where do I stand and where do I want to go?
»What lies ahead and what lies behind is nothing in comparison to what lies within us. If we carry what lies within to the outside, wonders will occur.«
 Henry David Thoreau

In a relaxed, appreciative and confidential/trustworthy atmosphere you will be the centre of focus. Supported by an exceptional method you will embark on a personal and a business journey of reflection.

Aims of the seminar:

  • Take a personal stock of your life
  • Define clear aims & visions and turn them into your development plan
  • Time for your personal clarity
  • Review crucial influences on your life so far + determine a guiding principle for the future
  • Self-confidence through personal development and a deeper understanding for your past and your future
  • Develop a process that helps you profit from your valuable life experience

Why should you take part in the seminar?We would like to invite you on a journey, on which you can reflect on your qualities, your strengths and your attitude in order to begin the next chapter of your life in a conscious way.

What? Why? How?

  • I have a clear direction.
  • Where can I use my qualities to contribute and add value in the future?
  • I can be more conscious in my current or new role.
  • I can create a clearer leadership culture.
  • I will set clearer priorities.
  • Set the course for clearer decisions.